Thoughts of Recovery No 17 The Spiritual Malady Step 1

If you have ever been in treatment, you have probably heard the term “craving” before. It’s often said that we have a three-part disorder – mental obsession, spiritual spiritual malady definition malady, and the phenomenon of craving. The phenomenon of craving is the main distinction between those of us who have a substance use disorder and those who do not.

spiritual malady definition

We can see it in our materialistic greed, our narcissism as a species, and our addictions that never seem to go away. God wants me to be sober, a contributing member of society, kind and loving friend, brother, son, etc. To be living in a constant state of restless, irritable, discontent. Exposing abuse under the guise of BDSM & related reflections on self-recovery. Sorry for being so direct in this blog, it is a message of hope, there is a way to completely turn your life around. It chains us to the past and endangers recovery because we drank on shame and guilt. The spirituality of AA is exemplified in helping others, it creates a feeling of wholeness and connectedness with others.

How to Move Through Complex Grief

Only once we open the spiritual channels and begin to accept a Higher Power into our lives can we hope to find a solution to our alcoholic condition. The majority of twelve-step programs, however, address illnesses other than substance addiction. For example, the third-largest twelve-step program, Al-Anon, assists family members and friends of people who have alcoholism and other addictions. About twenty percent of twelve-step programs are for substance addiction recovery, the other eighty percent address a variety of problems from debt to depression.

spiritual malady definition

It was 80 years ago, so our knowledge base has moved on greatly from when the Big Book was written. Hence I believe we should appreciate that this definition of our condition has been updated by research into emotions especially in the last 20 years. My recovery has thus since been about “growing up” a bit, however unsuccessful I am in this pursuit on occasion. My inventory showed me also that I did not seem to have the facility previously to emotionally respond to the world in a mature way. It shows the areas of behaviour and attitudes that can be treated by working the steps.

What Does AA Mean By “Spiritual Malady”?

Many people are initially turned off to the idea of the program because they believe it preaches religion and God, and many addicts and alcoholics have no desire to pursue a religious answer. But the beauty of the 12-steps is that they are spiritually based as opposed to religious. What that means is that all that is required is the belief in a power greater than yourself.

What does the big book say about the spiritual malady?

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous refers to the symptoms of the spiritual malady as “bedevilments,” explaining that “we were having trouble with personal relationships, we couldn't control our emotional natures, we were prey to misery and depression, we couldn't make a living, we had a feeling of uselessness, we …

The other part is that this guy, if an alcoholic like me, has real difficulties accessing in his heart and mind how he actually “feels” at any particular time. Or rather what emotions he is experiencing at any particular time.

Addiction Categories

For example, false pride, intolerance, impatience, arrogance, shame, lust, gluttony, greed. How do you prepare for life after treatment, and what kind of help do you need? If you are an alcoholic, then you know you cannot just put the plug in the jug and quit. If it were as easy as not eating a peanut anymore, then you would have stopped long ago. Find Addiction Rehabs is not a medical provider or treatment facility and does not provide medical advice. Find Addiction Rehabs does not endorse any treatment facility or guarantee the quality of care provided, or the results to be achieved, by any treatment facility.

What are the three principles of AA?

  • The suggestions for recovery are the Twelve Steps;
  • The suggestions for achieving unity are the Twelve Traditions;
  • The suggestions for service are described in Twelve Concepts for World Service, The AA Service Manual and Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age.

What the book says is that the only thing that will solve our drink problem is a spiritual awakening, spiritual experience, attitude adjustment, or psychic change. Addiction and alcoholism are both a 3 fold disease, meaning there are three distinct areas that alcoholism affects and the reason you cannot stop drinking and using. One way to think of a Higher Power is simply as a force that is greater than yourself.

Filling the Hole: Fixing the Spiritual Malady

When we are disconnected from our Souls, our True Selves, our Higher Nature, we feel innately lost. And we always carry a hole inside of ourselves that can never quite be filled. Soul loss, or being disconnected from your Soul, is a pandemic we can see in society everywhere. We can observe it in the way we mercilessly use and destroy the earth, harm each other, and hurt ourselves.

spiritual malady definition

Anyone can be spiritually maladapted, but as an alcoholic, we use alcohol to deal with having a spiritual malady. Many people say thatalcoholics have a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. You are merely instructed to be open to the idea that you are not the end all be all, that there exists out in the universe something that is greater or more powerful than yourself.

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