From time to time, salon industries in Indonesia were growing rapidly from super cheap haircut under the tree to a luxury salon in the shopping mall. However, the industry is suffering in  general due to limited human resource and too  many small and new salons are starting to arise  without any management skill.

Many beauty artists want to grow and upgrade  themselves not only just as a worker, but becoming a Beautypreneur. They want to have their own salon, work with flexible time and no contract with a spesific salon. Moreover, salon is forced to stop its operation and many skilled beauty artists do not have space to work during
this pandemic. People prefer to stay at home and go to salon when it is needed.

That’s why we would love to bring this new salon concept for the first time in Indonesia – The  Salon Hub, a place where you can meet, create  and transform customers anywhere and  anytime you like.


To breakthrough the industry by empowering beauty artists to be  small or medium Beautypreneurs with  new experience in the beauty  industry.


  • To bring beauty artists as manyas possible to be a Beautypreneur.
  • To give more flexible time andfreedom to beauty artists.
  • To upgrade and develop beauty artists in beauty industry.

5 Values


We unite, collect and gather all beauty artists to be an independent and Beautypreneur. They can collaborate each other to be a better one.


All beauty artists that use our spaces are the same. They have equal rights and responsibilities no matter their salon background and education as long as they can produce creations at our spaces.


We created this space and concept because we know beauty artists love their job and want to grow beauty industry in Indonesia.


Our space and concept are fit to any beauty artists from all backgrounds. They can easily use our spaces to support their jobs.


At last and the most important are our salon is legitimate and has all the licenses to operate legally.

Super Service


A very simple way to make a customer feel welcome and valued.


A simple act to make great impression to our customers that we care and respect them.


Cleanliness and safety procedures are highly applied everywhere at our space for everyone convenience.


We provide only the best services to the level where high satisfaction is achieved.

Sampai Jumpa Lagi

We thank to our customers for coming and ensure them to come back again.